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Hiring a Residential Concrete Contractor

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Looking for concrete workers for your home project?

The versatility of concrete has caused homeowners to turn to it as a primary building material. Driveways, patios, floors, slabs for sheds and other flatwork remain the most popular types of installations.

Proper screening and guarantees are essential to avoid working with an inexperienced residential concrete contractor. It requires sorting through companies who don’t have the necessary experience of specialty expertise to get the job done.


What Do Contractors Do?

Most professionals have more than one specialty within the general field of concrete work. Still, pouring a foundation is a different type of work compared to finishing a patio. 

Concrete finishers set the cement forms, ensure smooth pouring of the surface, and add any edges or decorations before and as it dries. Most professional concrete companies focusing on residential work will offer finishing services as part of the package. It’s essential for any job that has a visible surface such as driveways, patios, staining, and decorative work. Some concrete pros do not offer concrete finishing if they focus mainly on concrete slabs. If you are looking for a driveway or patio install, for instance, make sure you hire a concrete contractor that also is a concrete finisher. 


Concrete Driveway Contractors

Installing a concrete driveway costs about $3,900 or $6 per square foot. That includes work to deliver the concrete, grade (prepare and level the surface), and pour the material. Look for driveway installers in your area that specialize in this type of work. Focus your search on experts who can perform all tasks from cutting existing cement and hauling it away to pouring the new surface and clean up.


Patio or Walkway Installers

Concrete patios are increasingly popular, thanks to their durability and versatility. The cost of a concrete patio ranges between $1,500 and $3,800 depending on the size you choose. That includes materials and all labor, which ranges from preparing the surface to delivery and finishing. Look for patio installers near you for this type of job. They will also be able to help you with a walkway project, which requires the same process as a patio.


Pool Installers & Refinishers

Installing a concrete in-ground pool costs between $35,000 and $65,000. That includes digging out the area and prepping of the surface as well as pouring the gunite and coating it to become water-resistant. The cost to refinish is about $6,500, which includes adding new plaster and patching any holes to keep the water in.


Small Job Concrete Contractors

Masters of this material will generally be able to take on smaller jobs, as well. That might include:

  • Repairing cracked concrete
  • Resurfacing concrete flooring
  • Ring cones and other decorative elements
  • Small concrete slabs for decorative purposes
  • Filling in areas such as flower beds


small job concrete contractors


Questions to Ask When Hiring Cement Contractors

  1. Are you licensed and insured?
  2. What’s your experience with a project like mine?
  3. Do you perform all parts of the install yourself, or do you subcontract factors like delivery and finishing?
  4. Do you have a portfolio of work that I can review?
  5. Can you provide three references of recent clients with similar jobs as mine?
  6. How long do you think my project will take?
  7. Will you provide an estimate before the contract, and how binding is that estimate?
  8. What expenses does and doesn’t your quote include?
  9. How will you ensure that the concrete won’t crack over time?
  10. Can you help with any permitting my job might require?
  11. When can you get started?